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Our local lawyer is on your side in Daleville, AL

We make disputes civilized
Do you have a financial or civil dispute on your hands that you can't seem to solve? It might be time to get a bankruptcy, civil, or criminal defense attorney on your side. Sometimes, disputes have to be handled in a legal matter. When that happens, call us. We are here to help. I am a general practice attorney who is experienced in bankruptcy law, marital law, family law to include divorce, child custody, child support, and probate matters. We handle wills, estates, adoptions as well as all criminal matters whether misdemeanors or felonies on Municipal, State, or Federal Court cases.

Working with a local lawyer in Daleville, AL means working with people who understand where you come from, and who you are. We know your town, and we understand local disputes. When you need help protecting your rights contact us today. Why should you turn to us in your time of need?
  • Member of the Alabama Bar Association
  • Free initial consultations
  • Nearest lawyer to Ft. Rucker Gate
  • Experienced and successful
  • Personal attention to every case
  • Service surrounding areas
  • Flexible payment options including credit cards and checks
Whatever legal problems you are facing, we can help. We welcome you to stop into our office for additional information, or to set up an appointment.

Helping you mediate

Sometimes, legal battles aren't what they seem to be. At times, two parties simply might not understand each other. This can happen due to emotions running high during disputes. We can help the person (or people) you are fighting with understand what you are trying to say -- clearly.
Let us speak your mind for you. Come and see our local lawyers in Daleville today!

We speak the local law

Our local lawyer aims to solve your legal issues, whatever they may be. Think you have a problem that can't be solved? Give us a shot. We're great negotiators. In fact, that's what we do best. Come in and see us in Daleville to arrange a meeting.

Solving your legal problems

Family and divorce laws can differ from other laws. Hire an attorney who is experienced in these important fields. We understand what kinds of laws you are up against, and we know how to handle any dispute that comes your way. Are you stuck in the middle of a custody dispute? Need help? We are just a phone call away. Or, you can come see us in Daleville, AL for additional details!
We are located in Daleville, Alabama and service the surrounding wiregrass area to include:
  • Enterprise and Elba (Coffee County)
  • Andalusia (Covington County)
  • Ozark area (Dale County to include Ft. Rucker)
  • Abbeville (Henry County)
  • Luverne (Crenshaw County)
  • Dothan area (Houston County)
  • Troy area (Pike County)
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